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Beauty&Fue provides a solution for women who suffer from their small cup size. The operation provides solutions for young women whose breasts are not equal. For women who have lost breast volume after pregnancy or if there are differences between the two breast sizes. The desired cup size will be determined according to the wishes of the patient and the prognosis of the specialist in consultation. You will have more symmetrical breasts and enhanced balance between your body and breasts.

Always wanted bigger and firmer boobs?
Beauty&Fue is here to make your wish come true with boob job in Istanbul. Breast implant, also known as breast enlargement or breast augmentation or boob job, is used to change the size, shape and form of the breasts.

Breast Enlargement in Istanbul

Because of the fact that boob job abroad offers high quality service with affordable costs, many women prefer getting breast implant abroad. Beauty&Fue offers high quality service, specialized and experienced breast implant surgeons yet low and affordable costs. Therefore, boob job in Istanbul attracts a large number of patients from different parts of the world. Why is Beauty&Fue the Best for Boob Job in Istanbul?

Beauty&Fue works with the top plastic surgeons in Turkey who have international work experience with a reputable educational background. Beauty&Fue’s experienced breast implant surgeons will guide you through every step of the treatment because client satisfaction does matter to Beauty&Fue Beauty&Fue gives the most comprehensive and patient-centric service to his patients in Istanbul.

Here at Beauty&Fue we only use Mentor Memorygel and Allergan Implants. You can relax in the knowledge that Mentor and Allergan are amongst the leading manufacturers of breast implants, Mentor coming with a lifetime free of charge Product Replacement Guaranteeand Allergan providing a 10 year replacement warranty.

At Beauty&Fue Plastic Surgery you will be given an extensive choice of implants and incision types. Along with the help and advice of our highly qualified surgeons and experts, you will be able to tailor your surgery to best match your needs.

"Our relationship will not end with you following your surgery.”
We make a long-term commitment to our patients and we stand behind the integrity of our products.

Advantages of Breast Augmentation in Istanbul with the assistance of Beauty&Fue


Breast augmentation in Istanbul with the assistance of Beauty&Fue breast augmentation offers you the best price guarantee:

• Breast augmentation surgery with MENTOR® implants
• nights of accommodation at a 4 star hotel
• 1 night hospital stay
• Transfers between airport and hotel with private car
• Patient host (reachable 24 hours during the stay in Istanbul)
• Special group discount
• Check up and regular follow-up
• Medical garment, support bra etc.

By choosing Beauty&Fue to assist you for your breast augmentation in Turkey, you will feel and look better.

Breast Augmentation Results
• Restored ideal body proportion,
• Firm and large breasts that enhance the self-esteem (wearing bikinis and tops confidently),
• Healthy and matured appearance for woman with small breasts

The best way to decide whether or not breast augmentation is right for you is to meet with one of our best plastic surgeons for online consultation. Check out before and after gallery for results of the breast augmentation surgery.

Breast Augmentation Cost in Istanbul

Breast augmentation surgery is the right choice for many women to help with their self-esteem, to better balance their body proportion, and to feel confident with their appearance.
Although a breast augmentation surgery may seem expensive, do not let the cost discourage you from having your dream body come true.

Istanbul is the one of the most reputable city for breast enlargement cost thanks to its experienced medical staff, great number of surgeries performed every year, successful results, affordable prices and government incentives for medical tourism. Breast augmentation cost depends on different variables such as the practice of the medical team, the type of breast implant and all the additional benefits included within the breast augmentation prices. Each patient has a personalized treatment plan depending on the age, body structure, surgery availability, type of natural tissue, and proportion preferences. Because Beauty&Fue is supported by Turkish Ministry of Health and Economy, we hold the privilege to offer comprehensive all-inclusive packages at an affordable breast augmentation cost.

The following instructions are general information to be followed before and after a breast augmentation surgery. Beauty&Fue does not take the responsibility for the accuracy of these instructions. The instructions of your surgeon in Turkey after breast augmentation should be followed.

Pre-Operation Instructions
Important Note :
Surgery will be cancelled if there is any chance that you are pregnant.

Two Weeks Before Surgery:
• Do not use alcohol or nicotine products; cigarettes, chew, pipe tobacco. Nicotine affects the healthy circulation of the body and may affect the result of your breast surgery and increases the risk of complication with anesthesia.
• Do not take any products containing ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin), aspirin, anti-inflammatory medication or Vitamin E.
One Day Before Surgery:
• DO NOT EAT OR DRINK ANYTHING AFTER MIDNIGHT. A fasting is required to receive sedation for surgery.

Day of The Surgery:
• You may shower and shampoo the morning of surgery.
• Do not wear makeup, hair sprays or gels, nail polish or false eyelashes.
• Please wear loose fitting clothing and avoid anything that must be pulled over the head.
• Do not wear jewelry, or bring valuables to your breast augmentation surgery.

Post-Operation Instructions
• Avoid swimming pools and using creams on the treated area
• Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol for at least two weeks
• Keep the sterile bandage on the wound for a day, etc.
• You may walk around on the day of surgery and after to prevent blood clots from developing also move your legs frequently.
• It is normal to feel tired for the first few days. Do not exercise for the first week. After this week, you may resume low intensity, lower body exercise; however, avoid using the upper body muscles for 3 weeks. You may resume all exercise/activity after 3 weeks thereafter. When you do resume exercise, you should wear a supportive bra to minimize bounce and droop of the breasts.
• Drink plenty of fluids (8-10 glasses/day) for the first week to keep well hydrated.
• Take all medications as instructed by your surgeon. Take your pain medication before your pain becomes severe as incisional discomfort for the first 24 hours after breast augmentation surgery is expected.
• Some bruising and swelling is expected and takes between 3-6 months to see final results.
• Wear the support stockings for at least 5 days after breast augmentation surgery.
• You will have a steri strips (adhesive bandage) in place over your incision. Please keep your dressing clean and dry to prevent infection.
• Initially, you may take a quick shower with your back to the water, keeping your incisions completely dry.
• You may take a full shower after 3 days of your breast augmentation surgery. It is okay to get the steri strips wet at this point, but do not remove them. You can gently pat yourself dry with a towel or use a blow dryer (cool setting) to dry the steri strips.
• Please where your medical support bra for at least 3 weeks which will provide additional support.

Breast augmentation is an inpatient surgery, and is performed under general anesthesia. It is very important for you to follow your plastic surgeon’s instructions to ensure your healing process develops optimally.

We need to emphasize that nothing can stop aging process of your body, breast tissue will change eventually. Weight fluctuations and pregnancies may affect your results over time.


  • How long does breast enlargement surgery take?
    The breast enlargement in Istanbul usually takes around 2 to 4 hours.

  • Will I feel any pain?
    The procedure is usually carried out under general anaesthesia thus there is no possibility of having pain during the breast augmentation surgery.

  • Should I get days off from work?
    Yes, you can return to work within 1 to 2 weeks after your breast enlargement surgery. You can carry on your daily routine and activities after one month. The scars on your breast will be gone within one year or more.

  • Will I be able to breast feed after I have a breast implant?
    Yes. You can breast feed after you have breast enlargement operation, the implants are compatible with breastfeeding and do not interact with mammal zone and no leakage from your silicone into the milk.

  • Are the partner breast augmentation surgeons of beauty&Fue experienced and qualified enough?
    Absolutely. All Beauty&Fue partner breast enlargement surgeons are highly experienced and qualified with a strong educational and professional background. They are very well- known in their respective field.

  • Which implant brands are used for breast enlargement?
    Our partner surgeons prefer to use FDA-approved MENTOR® and Natrelle® breast implants that are considered as the best in the world. With high product range and type, MENTOR® and Natrelle® brand implants adapts perfectly to the entire body and have lifetime warranty.

  • Are silicone breast implants safe?
    Yes. Medical researches proves that silicone implants are safe and does not affect natural functioning of the breasts.

  • What does CC mean for breast implants?
    If you’ve done some research in to implant sizes, you might have come across the term CC. Breast implant size is measured in cc’s that stands for cubic centimetres and refers to the volume of the breasts. In general terms a cup size is equivalent to 100cc depending upon breast size to start.

  • Am I going to lose the sensitivity of my nipples after having breast augmentation Turkey?
    Nipple sensitivity usually returns to normal sometime after breast implant. In some cases, nipple sensitivity may increase or decrease after the boob job. It is all normal and must be considered as a post-operative effect. It is extremely rare to lose the total sensitivity of nipples.

  • How much does it cost to have a breast augmentation in Istanbul assisted by Beauty&Fue?
    Beauty&Fue assists to provide the best breast enlargement with its competitve affordable prices that the type of breast augmentation or the degree of enlargement does not determine the breast augmentation cost.


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