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Breast Reduction

Get rid of that burden on your chest with breast reduction in Istanbul! Women with very large, sagging breasts may suffer from a variety of medical issues caused by excessive weight, such as backache, neck pain, skin irritation, bad posture, breathing difficulties, over sweating and skeletal deformities. They may may even cause psychological implications since large breasts can make woman feel really self-conscious. If your breasts are affecting your lifestyle by causing you psychological or physical pain, you should consider breast reduction surgery.

What is Breast Reduction?

Breast reduction, medically known as reduction mammaplasty, is the best surgery that offers a solution for women experiencing medical complications by decreasing the disproportionate size. Surgery removes glandular tissue, fat and skin from the breasts and makes them firmer, better-contoured and smaller. Breast reduction and uplift in Turkey can also reduce the size of the areola – the dark area around the nipples. Breast reduction surgery results and body image change can be observed immediately. By choosing breast reduction surgery in Turkey assisted by Clinic Center, you will finally recover from the pain and discomfort caused by large breasts and achieve a better proportioned body.

Reduction is also preferred by men who have enlarged breasts condition called gynaecomastia. Obesity, hormone imbalance, genes, alcohol consumption and excessive weight loss may be among the reasons of gynaecomastia.

Breast reduction surgery takes about 2 to 4 hours and is performed under general anesthesia. Surgery may be performed using three type of incisions; one made around the areola, one that vertically follows the bottom edge of the areola to the underneath breast crease and one that follows the natural curve of the breast crease.

Incisions of Breast Reduction Istanbul

There are three different methods for breast reduction incisions. Beauty&Fue partner plastic surgeons will determine the most appropriate method of breast reduction and uplift by evaluating the size and shape of your breasts as well as your desired size and shape during your consultation.

Inverted T or anchor pattern:Involves an anchor-shaped incision starting around the areola, going down across the breast crease.

Circular pattern:Involves incision around the aerola in circular pattern.

Keyhole pattern:Involves an incision around the areola and vertically down to the breast crease.

Once the incision is made, the surgeon will proceed to remove the extra fat, skin and glandular tissue and reposition the nipple to a higher and more appropriate level. Breast reduction scars can resemble an inverted “T” shape or a keyhole. Drains are then placed and the incision is stitched up and to support the reshaped and reducted breasts, your surgeon puts stitches deep within the breast tissue. Incision scars are permanent, however they disappear or fade away approximately in a year.

Are You A Good Candidate?

Although breast reduction and uplift is considered as a plastic surgery procedure, it is generally performed to relief physical conditions. The ideal candidates for breast reduction

Istanbul are women who have:

Physical problems including back, neck or shoulder pain due to heavy and large breasts

Breasts that are too large for the body proportion

Irritation under the breasts

Asymmetrical breasts (one larger than the other)

Difficulty in performing exercise and physical activities

Advantages of Breast Reduction in Istanbul assisted by Beauty&Fue

Beauty&Fue, as a assistant for plastic surgeries in Turkey, earned a reputation on positive surgical results, satisfied patients and with the professionalism it maintains in service delivery. Because of this an increasing number of patients from all around the world choose to have breast reduction surgery in Istanbul assisted by Beauty&Fue