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What is a Dental Crown?

A dental crown is used to cover an existing natural tooth to strengthen the tooth or to improve the appearance of the tooth. A dental crown can be used for both medical and cosmetic reasons. Dental crowns are long lasting however; the durability of a dental crown also depends on how it is looked after.

How is a Dental Crown Procedure Performed?

Length of a Dental Crown Procedure: Tooth crown procedure has 2 phases. First appointment is for consultation and preparation and the second one is for fitting the tooth crown. Both appointments take 2-3 hours individually. Between these appointments, there will be 1 to 2 weeks. Inpatient or Outpatient: A very safe outpatient procedure, no need to stay in the hospital. Anaesthesia: Local anaesthesia. Preparation and Fitting:

* At first appointment: Your Beauty&Fue dentist in Turkey will prepare your tooth for crown. Your tooth will be cleaned and drilled down to fit the crown. The impression then will be taken and sent to the laboratory to produce your permanent crown. Until your second appointment, you will be provided with a temporary tooth crown.

* At second appointment: After your temporary dental crown is removed, your Beauty&Fue dentist in Turkey will place your new dental crown. Any adjustments or alterations can be made at this stage. Once you are satisfied with the fitting and feeling of your new tooth crown, it will be bonded to your teeth.

Instructions for Pre-Operation

Pre-operation instructions will be given to you prior to the dental crown treatment. You may be expected to take care of hygiene and cleanliness of your teeth prior to the surgery. You may also be expected to inform your dentist about your health history. You may need to avoid alcohol and certain medication before your dental crowns treatment.

Instructions for Post-Operation

Your Beauty&Fue dentist may prescribe you with certain medication. After you have your tooth crown, you need to give some extra care for hygiene of your teeth. You may be need to avoid consuming hot and cold on the day of the treatment. You also need to brush your teeth gently especially for the first few days after your dental crowns treatment.

The benefits of Dental Crowns in Turkey with Beauty&Fue:

  • Even and improved teeth appearance.

  • An increased confidence and esteem.

  • No more embarrassment or discomfort due to teeth.

  • Ability to smile and laugh by showing teeth with no hesitation.

  • Improved ability of chewing.

Enhance your smile and boost your confidence with dental crowns in Turkey by Beauty&Fue.

A dental crown, also known as tooth crown or dental cap, is an artificial restoration which is used to cover the damaged or weak natural tooth. A dental crown can strengthen a weak tooth while improving the appearance of the tooth. Bridges and dentures can also be held together firmly by using crowns. Crowns can be made of a variety of materials including full porcelain, porcelain fitted to a metal, full ceramic, glass, and gold. Generally, porcelain crowns fitted to a metal are used for treatments. The costs may vary depending on the materials used.

You can be an ideal person to have tooth crown, if you have: • A broken or weak or decayed or damaged tooth and want to strengthen it. • Problems with your bridge or denture and want to keep them in place. • A discoloured filling and want to improve the colour of it for cosmetic reasons.

Dental Crowns in Turkey

Dental crown procedure in Turkey attracts a significant number of patients from different parts of the world each year because of low costs and latest technology treatments. Dental treatments including dental crown procedure is cost effective in Turkey compared to many countries because of many reasons including lower costs of labour and lower costs of operation. Therefore, Turkey is a popular destination for dental crowns treatment.

Why Beauty&Fue is the Best for Dental Crowns in Turkey?

People from different parts of the world choose Dental Crowns in Turkey with Beauty&Fue every year because Beauty&Fue offers patient-centric and high quality service with affordable costs. Beauty&Fue guarantees 100% patient satisfaction for dental crowns treatment in Turkey by providing you with:

  • Tooth crowns procedure with state-of-the-art technology.

  • Talented and well-known English speaking dentists.

  • Low-costs.

  • Continuous patient care even after the treatment.