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Neck Lift in Istanbul

Aging can lead to changes in the appearance of the neck resulting in various combinations of skin laxity, fat excess and muscle weakness. Sagging skin often occurs in the neck, drooping off the bottom of the chin or off other areas of the neck. Another factor that leads to sagging skin of the neck region is when a massive amount of weight is lost. In addition, uncontrollable factors such as genetics can negatively affect the appearance of neck, resulting in sagging neck skin, pockets of subcutaneous fat or bands that divide the neck into unsightly horizontal sections. When these developments occur, cosmetic enhancement may become necessary to restore the appearance of a smooth, youthful-looking neck contour. A neck lift surgery can correct the effects of time, gravity, smoking, or heredity by tightening your loose neck muscle and removing excess fat and skin from the neck area—making you appear thinner and younger.

Neck Lift in Turkey

Depending on your aesthetic concerns and appearance goals, Beauty&Fue plastic surgery Istanbul specialists can recommend a specific neck lift procedure or neck tightening plan to correct common problems such as turkey wattle neck, excess fat—or excess skin around neck and jawline.

Many patients opt to undergo neck lift surgery in Istanbul in combination with a different facial rejuvenation procedure such as brow lift Istanbul, eyelid surgery or another treatment for a heightened aesthetic experience.