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Unshaven Fue Hair Transplants in Istanbul Beauty&Fue

"Unshaved Hair Transplantation" or other known as "Unshaved Fue" in the recent years "Fue" method, which began to be applied in recent years, even a single hair of the hair is not cut "Hair Transplantation Technique."

The most commonly used technique of hair transplantation in the world "Fue" method developed by successful and well-trained doctors to be taken in the root area for hair transplantation certainly not cut, cut or trimmed hair is called "Unshaved Hair Transplantation" process.

The most important thing to know here is that this process is done by the doctors of the job and certainly not to stop the hair.

Unshaved Hair Transplantation / Unshaven Fue method does not cut hair, shorten, unshaven!

Unshaved Hair Transplant / Unshaved Fue How To?

The doctor will do hair transplantation in the donor, donor area of the patient to be transplanted, or in the area to be transplanted, it does not perform any procedure such as shaving, shortening or cutting the hair. The doctor removes the hair follicles in the donor area, ie the hair follicles to be sown one by one from the long hair.

With the unshaved Fue method, hair transplantation can be returned to the next day because hairs are not cut in the area where the roots will be taken and sowing will be done. In addition, hair transplantation process for hair cut is not understood often.

The grafts collected with unshaved Fue are kept in special solutions just like in conventional (normal) fue, and hair transplantation is completed by placing them in large care channels.

Wash and care after the unshaved Fue is very important. All washing should be done by specialists in the clinic.

How Many Grafts Can Be Planted in a Seat with Unshaven Fue?

It is possible to transfer 1500-2000 grafts in one session with unshaved Fue and two days successive sessions can be applied to patients who need more. The patient, who underwent a first wash after hair transplantation, can return to normal life on the same day and it is not understood that hair transplantation is performed.

Unshaved Fue How to Choose a Place to Build?

Unshaved Fue is a much more difficult and complicated process than the normal Fue method, so the person who will do this operation should have enough knowledge, experience and experience. There are quite a few doctors in the world who have actually unshaved hair transplantation.